Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Reluctant shaman...

I am a reluctant shaman. I believe in shamanism and the connection to the spirit world. But I am reluctant to engage in it. I don't know if I am just lazy or resistant to practicing. Not quite sure what my deal is.

I found a stick today and I took it home. I know it means something. It was laying there waiting for me. So I took it with me. I guess I need to journey to find out what it means. Though I really don't want to.

I kind of feel silly for engaging in shamanism. Though I have found it to be the one true way for me. Maybe I am still shell shocked from my experience on the mental ward? For a long time I would not engage in any spiritual or religious practices. It is only recently that I have engage in shamanism. Maybe this is still a hold over from that time when I would not engage in anything spiritual.

Not quite sure what my deal is. I guess I will keep on trying to figure out what is going on with me.

I have lost...

I have lost 32.8 lbs. since the beginning of this year. This is quite an accomplishment! Basically I have lost a big bag of dog food in fat! I am very proud of myself and I am trying to take the time to congratulate myself and celebrate my accomplishment.

A big shout out to Jen in my TOPS group. She took the time to calculate everyone's weight loss. She even printed up certificates for everyone and signed them. I knew that I was below my lowest weight but I did not know that I have lost so much! This is why I am a part of TOPS. They really take the time to celebrate your accomplishments. And when you are in a journey that is full of boring day to day struggles you really need a cheerleader that is on your side. Or even better a group of people that are on your side and know the struggle of weight loss because they are going through it themselves.

Now it is easy to get discouraged. To look in that mirror and see all the weight you still need to lose. But you got to stay positive and know you can do it. You have lost weight in the past and you will lose weight in the future. And one day, not tomorrow, you will lose all the weight you want to.

Slow steady weight loss is what you want. Quick to take off, quick to put back on. You want to avoid those extreme diets where you deny yourself the most basic things. You can have what ever you want it really the portion that you are eating that you need to be concerned with. If all you have is a ice cream sandwich then you will be okay. Assuming you have saved up your calories for the day to have one.

I highly recommend using a food diary and calorie counter my My Fitness Pal. It is free and a great way to track your foods and calorie intake. Then you can start budgeting your meals and know how much you are taking in.

I use a desk cycle. It has a calorie counter and I was using it. Then I found a more accurate calorie counter online. You want to get the most accurate count of your calories that you can. I found I was burning 120 less calories then I thought I was. You can see how being accurate makes a big difference. So get the most accurate calorie counter that you can.

Watch your portions. You can have just about anything you just have to control the portions you are having. Make sure you know how many portions you are having. Read the label to know what the serving size is. That is the best way to control the portions of foods you are having. It also lets you know right away what is a high caloric food and what isn't. Salsa you can have plenty of. Butter you better be very careful with. You can still have it. But you should watch your portion of it closely. And always fill out your food diary or My Fitness Pal religiously.

Well that's it. Some reflection. Some advice. It wasn't an accident that I lost 32.8 lbs. so far this year. I am having a great year but it is really the columniation of all my hard work in weight loss that has lead to my success. Remember you can do it. You just have to keep at it. Good luck and put forth the effort my friends; you can do it! Happy practical eating everyone!