Friday, November 17, 2017

Still bummed…

I am still bummed out. Trying to break out of the funk I am in. I have had my mood stabilizer upped. Hopefully that will help. Don’t even feel like streaming even though I love it. Just want to curl up in my bed and cry. This feeling really sucks. It is making it impossible to really enjoy anything. I will have to just try and have fun with my stream tonight.

Sometimes I fucking hate my job. Has some asshole old dude yell at me because his precious hanger space had stuff in it. What the fuck. He was bitching about two red lines on the hanger floor. Fuck that guy. He can go fuck himself. Left my shit setup just to annoy him. If he had asked me nicely to clean up my stuff at the end of the day I would have. But he didn’t so fuck him!

My vendor at work did not sell me the parts I needed to do my project. Such bullshit. Took months to get this shit and I don’t even have all the parts that I need. I mean what the fuck. The vendor knew what I was going to do with this shit and he didn’t even sell me all the parts I needed. Got a wireless control box that is a worthless piece of shit without some other parts that don’t come with it. It is fucking useless. I mean what the flying fuck!

I don’t mean to fly off the handle but this shit is really bugging me. Can’t get anything done because the vendors don’t want to do their fucking job and I got old dudes yelling at me for no god damn reason. My work really sucks right now. Sigh unfortunately my work sucks most of the time.
Good thing I get paid. Hoping to get a raise this year. We will see. I usually get a small one. Something is better than nothing.

I fucking hate my new boss. Just don’t like him. Told him that security freaks out when they hear the term Wi-Fi. Which is true. He corrected me and said they have legitimate security concerns about wifi. That is not what I said. I understand that legitimate security concerns about wifi. I did not say they didn’t but the do freak out. If you can’t speak this common language with me then there really is no hope for you. What his worthless piece of shit doesn’t understand is that he is applying for the job to be a branch head with every employee in his branch. We all have to agree that we will work for him. Otherwise we will go to other branches and there are plenty of them out there. And he will be left holding the bag.

Tried to get him to do his job and find me work. At first he told me it’s my job to do that. Since when? My branch head has always worked to find me work. I have helped in the process but it was ultimately his job to do this. It is his responsibility to find me work when they don’t have a project for me in the branch. Then he said he would help me and had me do a bunch of extra work. Then I never heard back from him. That was two weeks ago. What a fucking asshole. That is the last straw. Going to find another branch as soon as I can. Fuck this guy.

Its Friday. Can’t wait to get the fuck off of work and go stream or do anything besides be at fucking work. Pulled two ten hour days. Fucking sucked but trying to take the Friday after thanksgiving off since we don’t get it off.

Wish I lived in Europe and actually had some real time off. We are the least productive of all the industrialized nations compared to Europe. They are far more productive. Can’t we have the time off we really need. We are not robots. We need time to live. You can’t really think that being constantly at work will make us more productive. It is our backwards puritan mentality about work.

Well it is four. Only an hour an half left. Can’t fucking wait.